Tips On How To Choose A Secure Password

Security is a hot issue as we all know. And for authentication, secure password is the key. But many people don’t know how to choose a secure password to protect their private data. We emphasize today on how to choose a secure password for yourself.

Whether its your email account or your windows login, you need to have the right kind of password. Following are the tips to choose the right password.

  • Unrelated Passwords: Never choose something as a password that has something to do with your public life. For instance, Your name, your cell/phone number, your date of birth or your father/family name. It is simply telling someone half your password. At times… All of it
  • Avoid Dictionary Words: Don’t use words that come from dictionary. For example: “World” is the perfect way of NOT choosing the right password. Software exists that can try all dictionary words or combination of dictionary words and they take not more than a day to crack your password. Hence, accessing all your personal data. So always mix things around or choose a word that is not spelled as it is in dictionary.
  • Don’t Share It: Its pretty simple tip. Never Share… You share your password with anyone and there you go; you compromised your data. Giving away your password on the internet is suicidal. So never share your password with anyone. Of course you might at times want to share it with your family.
  • No Master Passwords: It is highly recommended to have different passwords for different accounts/gadgets. If you have one master password and if someone comes to know about it. Make sure that person will try it on all your other accounts and rape you in just a matter of minutes. So remember different passwords for different things. You Might forget it? Its not a problem at all. Just write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket for a day or two. It will find its place in your head pretty soon.
  • At least 8 Alphabets/Digits: The minimum length for a password is at least eight characters. The lower the length, the lower are the combinations to guess and the easier it is to break the password.
  • Mix It: An example would be enough to explain this point: “nOt_1′epa*d” And if you can’t remember it, save it in a notepad and keep the file somewhere hidden with a name no one can guess. Hints are to use upper and lower case alphabets, never use a complete word (just like i broke the word notepad in the example), use symbols and digits.
  • Change Password When Needed: Once a while, say after 3 months, change your password to completely save yourself from any threat.  Crackers/Hackers take at times more than 6 months to break the security they want to. They simply wont give up. So shouldn’t you. That is why its recommended to change your password every three to six months later.

Free Password Generator Tool

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