Unlock ShareCash Survey Within Seconds 2012

Hi all users, today I'm gonna tell you how to complete/unlock survery very quickly. This is quickest and easiest way to unlock the survey. I know when you go to sahrecash download page and click on "Regular Download" and when a Popup shows up... you think I'm screwed. But next time you won't because today I have a simple tutorial to unlock it.

How to Unlock Share-Cash Download :

1. First of all choose a survey. The easiest way to unlock it is when they show food related surveys like "which on is better coke or pepsi" or something like that.

2. After clicking it go to and click on "Generate" button (make sure you've selected USA as your country").

3. Now go back to the Survey you chose, and fill-up the information that you've generated on Step 2 After that click on "Submit" button.

4. Now go back to the download page and let it Refresh more than 2 times and the survey will unlock. If it doesn't, just try one more time.


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